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Tanjung Puting National Park 3 days

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Tanjung Puting National Park 3 days

Tanjung Puting National Park / Code : KAL-003-STD

3 Days / 2 Nights

1st Day : Arrival In Pankalanbun - Kumai - House Boat - Tanjung Puting National Park(L/D)

After arriv at Pankalanbun Airport (approx 2 pm) your personal tour guide is happy to welcome you upon arrival in Pankalanbun/Central Kalimantan.

It takes approx. another 30 minutes from Pankalanbun Airport to the harbour city of Kumai.

In the harbour you will then board your personal house boat in which you will be on tour for a couple of days. A late lunch will be served on board.

You will start the tour by house boat from Kumai and enter the mouth of Sekonyer Rivers  continuing upstream. 

You have the possibility to relax on the deck of your house boat and observe flora and fauna passing by.

Tanjung Puting National Park is not only a habitat for Orang Utans but for uncountable different animals such as the long nose ape (Nasalis larvatus),rare bird species, and variety of colourful butterflies. 

The Sekonyer River is also a habitat for a very rare species of crocodiles (thus swimming in the river is not allowed!!!). Enjoy the silence as well as the sounds of nature aboard.

The boat trip is amazing and has its varieties.

Your personal chef on board is preparing a delicious lunch and dinner on the house boat.

Clean mattresses are prepared for the night (on the deck/no cabins available).

Shower/toilet facilities are very simple but efficient and very clean. (Lunch and dinner inclusive)


2nd Day :  Tanjung Puting National Park -  Pondok Tanggui / Orang utan feeding - Camp Leakey /Museum / Orang utan feeding - Pondok Tanggui - Houseboat (B/L/D)

After breakfast on board of the house boat, we will visit the first highlight on Sekonyer River. You will visit Pondok Tanggui, which is our first stop at Tanjung Puting National Park

Here the orang-utans are observed and registered. After you have reached Pondok Tunggui, you take part in the feeding of Orang Utans at around 9:30 am.

You will reach the feeding place of Pondok Tunggui in guidance of a ranger after having a 30 minutes soft trekking tour through the rain forest.

Now it is time to wait for the rehabilitated and wild Orang Utans to reach the feeding place,once you have arrived at the feeding place.

After this fascinating experience, you return to the starting point and continue aboard the house boat upstream to Camp Leakey.

Lunch is served on board. You will reach Camp Leakey after a 2 hours journey through lush rain forest vegetation, where the museum and documentation centre of Camp Leakey/Tanjung Puting National Park was established by Mrs. Dr. Biruté Galdikas (see information of Orang Utan Foundation International).

First you will visit the museum and then continue to the feeding place of the Orang Utans in guidance of a ranger at Camp Leakey late afternoon. 

The trekking tour to the feeding place of the Orang Utans starts around 2:30 pm.

You will reach the feeding place at Camp Leakey after 45 minutes trekking through the jungle.

You always have to follow the instruction of your ranger. Many wild Orang Utans will also come to the feeding place during dry season.

Please do not feed the Orang Utans by yourself and do not eat or drink in front of them.

This is your chance to observe the feeding of orang-utans in the forest.

Afterwards you will return to Camp Leakey and board your house boat again.

After theses extraordinary experiences of flora and fauna, you will return to Pondok Tanggui for a 2nd overnight at the houseboat.

Dinner will be served on the house boat. Enjoy this unique experience of the tranquillity and natural sounds from the forest and try to see the FIREFLY on the river side.

(CampLeakeyto Pondok Tanggui approx. 2 hours transfer)

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner included).

3rd Day : Pondok Tanggui - Kumai - Pankalanbun - Transfer to the Airport

After breakfast on board you will proceed with your journey to Kumai harbour, which takes about 2 hours. 

After reaching Kumai harbour transfer to the Airport of Pankalanbun, where your journey will end. 

(Suitable for flights from Pankalanbun to Semarang) (Breakfast included).

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